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1997/1998, Number 14

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On the cover: A large Wedgwood "Swan vase," tin and lead glazes on a white earthenware body, the central ovoid section in tones of orange and purplish blue-black, 1876 (or 1873), 54 (137.2 cm) h. This remarkable vase and a similar one were given to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1995 and the two vases are now on display. Impressed marks WEDGWOOD, O, W, DDE (or DDB). The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gift of Gyora and Judith S. Novak in honor of David T. Siegel, 1995. (1995.288.2a-c). For more about these vases, see "Wedgwood's Swan Vases" on page 70.

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