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May 1997 Lecture Topic and Meeting Notice

Our final meeting of the Spring season will be held on TUESDAY May 6, 1997 at 8:00 PM at the Lighthouse, 111 East 59th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue, New York, NY at 8:00 PM.

The speaker of the evening will be Ms. Jill Weitzman Fenichell. Ms. Fenichell's lecture is titled "Landscape Painting on English Porcelain" discussing the development of oil and watercolor painting in the mid-eighteenth century, the development of sophisticated topographical maps and pictures to the views presented on pottery (first) and porcelain (after). The lecture starts with the ground-breaking Frog Service and other innovative connections at the Wedgwood factory, moves on quickly to the development of a stable of artists at Derby and Pinxton from the late eighteenth century onwards, and closes with a brief look at the more "postcard" views produced at the Worcester factories from circa 1805 onwards. While discussing technical aspects of painting on porcelain, the lecture also seeks to provide the listener with a system helpful for identifying unnamed views and the periods in which they may have been produced by including important cultural considerations which, with the advent of tourism, influenced all artistic endeavors in the production of decorative art.

Ms. Fenichell very ably is the owner/president of her own antique business dealing in a broad spectrum of antiques. Her background is such that she has been very well educated for this profession. Graduating from Oberlin College where she was an English/Art History major and continuing her education at NYU where she received her MA in Visual Arts Administration, certainly provided her with the understanding necessary to deal with the array of aspects she must handle.

Ms. Fenichell has done writing or has been a contributing editor for "Antiques Monthly," "Art & Auction," "Arts and the Antiques Weekly" (a.k.a. The Newton Bee) on a broad range of subjects. She has also worked for Christie's, NYU Institute of Fine Arts, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute.

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