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2001, Number 17

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On the cover: Detail of the Triumph of Bacchus, a Wedgwood and Bentley tablet modeled by William Hackwood in 1776. William Hackwood (1753-1836) was hired by Wedgwood in 1769, the year the Wedgwood and Bentley partnership began, and was employed by the Wedgwood firm until 1832 having served a remarkable sixty-three years. A fuller understanding of Hackwood is provided in two articles in this issue. The first, by Lynn Miller of the Wedgwood Museum, delineates his professional life and includes new discoveries in the Wedgwood archives; the second, by Hackwood's direct descendant, Brian Bates, provides an in-depth study of Hackwood's life, his ancestry, and his descendants. For more about the tablet, see page 7. Image by Courtesy of the Wedgwood Museum Trust Limited, Barlaston, Staffordshire, England.

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