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2015, Number 31

Published July 2019

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  • President's Letter
  • In Your Words: Memories of Bernie and Lydia Starr Assembled by Joanne Starr Wolfe and Letitia Roberts
  • Basalt Sculpture in the Starr Collection by Brian D. Gallagher
  • “I have seen the Vases, Encaustick & like them exceedingly” by Gaye Blake-Roberts
  • The Sanderson - Chrysler - Starr Copy of the Portland Vase by Harwood A. Johnson
  • When business & amusement can be made to go hand in hand: Josiah Wedgwood’s Jasper Initiative by Diana Edwards
  • Bernie and Lydia and Caneware by David M. Pendergast
  • The Starr Collection: A Marriage of Art and Industry by Jeffrey Tulman
  • Risk, Ambition, Daring Invention: Celebrating the 2018 Wolfe and Starr Family Gift of British Ceramics at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by Iris Moon
  • Bernie Starr, the Buten Wedgwood Collection, and the Birmingham Museum of Art by Anne Forschler-Tarrasch
  • The Starr Wedgwood And Ceramics Library by Stephen J. Bury
  • Investigating George Owen: The Lydia Starr Collection by John Sandon
  • Bernard Starr, Collector and Friend: Some Ceramic Bits and Pieces by Robert Harrison

Cover Image

On the cover: Items from the Starr Collection, including a Wedgwood black basalt encausticdecorated amphora vase, possibly c. 1785;
one of a pair of Wedgwood and Bentley “fish-tail” ewers, c. 1770; the Sanderson-Chrysler-Starr copy of the Portland Vase, c. 1790;
a Wedgwood blue and white jasperware “wine” ewer, c. 1790; and a pair of Mintons pâte-sur-pâte vases by Marc Louis Solon, c. 1890.
Photograph Courtesy of Sotheby’s, Inc. ©2019

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