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2016, Number 32

Published September 2020

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  • President's Letter
  • Flowers and Flags: Thoughts on a Derby “Union” Plate by Robert Harrison
  • A Wax & Water Candlestick for a Watch Light by Harwood A. Johnson
  • Wedgwood Jasper Tablets inset into French Furniture: an Imperial Russian Connection by Robin Emmerson
  • The Royal Presence: Pre-1840 Pottery Portraiture by Myrna Schkolne
  • The World Of Make-Do by David M. Pendergast
  • Studio Pottery at The Fitzwilliam Museum: The Dr. John Shakeshaft Bequest by Helen Ritchie
  • Thomas Pardoe by Colin Andrew
  • The Caughley Society: Restoration of the Caughley Porcelain Factory Memorial

Cover Image

On the cover: A Derby Union Plate, with floral decoration attributed to William “Quaker” Pegg, c. 1815, crown, crossed batons and D mark painted in red, 8 13/16” (22.4 cm) d. On the reverse is the inscription Rose, Thistle and Shamrock, the national flowers of England, Scotland and Ireland. The plate marks the Acts of Union of 1800, whereby Great Britain and Ireland were united in one kingdom, as related in an article on the plate by Robert Harrison.

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