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Wedgwood Booklist

Are you searching for how to research information about Wedgwood and his wares. Well, the WSNY has collected a book list to help you out.

Title Author Publisher Year
18th Century Wedgwood. A Guide for Collectors and Connoisseurs Buten, David Methuen Main St. Press 1980
Black Basalt Edwards, Diana Antique Collectors Club 1994
Brand New Koehn, Nancy F Harvard Business School Press 2001
Chats on Wedgwood Ware Barnard, Harry T Fisher Unwin Ltd London - 1924 1924
Chats on Wedgwood Ware Barnard, Harry EP Publishing Ltd. - 1973 1973
Classical Wedgwood Designs Macht, Carol Gramercy Publishing 1957
Decorative Wedgwood in Architecture & Furniture Kelly, Alison Country Life Ltd., Born-Hawes Publishing Ltd, New York 1965
English Dry Bodied Stoneware Edwards, Diana & Hampson, Rodney Antique Collectors Club 1998
Fairyland Wedgwood Ware Des Fontaines, Una
John Flaxman Bindman, David ed. Thanes and Hudson 1979
Josiah Wedgwood Tames, Richard Shire Publications 1987
Josiah Wedgwood and his Pottery Burton, Richard Cassell & Co. 1922
Josiah Wedgwood Experimental Potter Nelson, Lucie Binghamton University 1993
Josiah Wedgwood: The Arts and Sciences United exhibition catalog the Science Museum, London 1978
Masterpieces of Wedgwood in the British Museum Dawson, Aileen British Museum 1984
Stubbs & Wedgwood The Tate Staff The Tate Gallery 1974
The Book of Bas Reliefs Wedgwood Museum The Wedgwood Museum undated
The Collector’s Book of Wedgwood Klamkin Dodd Mead & Co. 1971
The Collector’s Wedgwood Reilly, Robin Portfolio Press, New York 1980
The Dwight and Lucille Beeson Collection Adams, E. B. Birmingham Museum of Art
The Factory in a Garden. Wedgwood from Etruria to Barlaston - the transitional years Gater, Sharon and Vincent, David Keele Life Histories Centre 1988
The Genius of Wedgwood Young, Hilary ed. Victoria and Albert Museum, London to accompany the exhibition of the same name 1995
The Life of Josiah Wedgwood (2 volumes) Meteyard, Eliza Hurst and Blackett 1866
The Lunar Men Uglow, Jenny Farrar, Strauss and Giroux 2002
The Makers of Black Basalt Grant, M.H. Holland Press 1910, 1967
The Selected Letters of Josiah Wedgwood Finer & Savage Born-Hawes Publishing 1965
The Story of Wedgwood Kelly, Alison Viking 1963, 1975
The Wedgwood Catalog of 1787 Wedgwood Society of NY reprint 1980
The Wedgwood Circle Wedwood, Hensleigh and Barbara Eastview Editions 1980
The Wedgwood Handbook Meteyard, Eliza Timothy Trace reprint of 1886 original 1963
Three Centuries of Wedgwood Wedgwood, Barbara Wedgwood 1993
Wedgwood Gorley, Jean Gramercy Publishing 1950
Wedgwood Mankowitz, Wolf Barrie & Jenkins, London 1953
Wedgwood Rathbone Buten Museum reprint 1968
Wedgwood Wills, Geoffrey Country Life Books 1980
Wedgwood Wills, Geoffrey Spring (reprint) 1988
Wedgwood (Two Volumes) Reilly, Robin Macmillan Publishers Ltd 1989
Wedgwood A Collectors Guide Williams, Peter Quintet Publishing 1992
Wedgwood A living Tradition Graham, John Meredith & Wedgwood, Hensleigh Cecil Brooklyn Museum 1948
Wedgwood ABC but not Middle E Buten, Harry Buten Museum 1960
Wedgwood And Artists Buten, Harry Buten Museum 1960
Wedgwood Catalog of 1787
Wedgwood Ceramics Keefe, Daniel J. III Schiffer 2005
Wedgwood Ceramics 1846-1959 Batkin, Maureen Richard Dennis 1992
Wedgwood Chats Barnard, Harry Buten Museum Reprint 1960
Wedgwood Counterpoint Buten, Harry Buten Museum 1962
Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Des Fontaines, Una Born-Hawes of New York, Sotheby Parke Bernet of London, Richard Dennis of London
Wedgwood Jasper Reilly, Robin Charles Letts & Co Ltd 1972
Wedgwood Jasperware Bedford, John Walker & Co. 1964
Wedgwood Jasperware, A Shape Book and Collector's Guide Herman, Michael Schiffer 2003
Wedgwood Portrait Medallions. Introduction Reilly, Robin & Savage, George Barrie & Jenkins, London 1973
Wedgwood Portraits and the American Revolution Buten Museum
Wedgwood Rarities Buten, Harry Buten Museum reprint 1969
Wedgwood Specialties The New York Wedgwood Society 1982
Wedgwood Style, 3 Centuries of Distinction Perry, Hamilton Darby Wedgwood 2001
Wedgwood the First Tycoon Dolan, Brian Viking 2005
Wedgwood The New Illustrated Dictionary Reilly, Robin Antique Collectors Club 1995
Wedgwood the Portrait Medallions Reilly, Robin & Savage, George Barrie & Jenkins, London 1973
Wedgwood Trio Meteyard, Eliza Buten Museum reprint 1967
Wedgwood Ware Honey, W. B. Faber 1948
Wedgwood Ware Kelly, Alison Ward Lock Ltd, London and Sydney 1970

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