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March 1997 Lecture Topic and Meeting Notice

Our first meeting of the Spring season will be held on Monday, March 10, 1997 at 8:00 PM at the Lighthouse, 111 East 59th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue, New York, NY at 8:00 PM.

Our speaker of the evening will be Mr. Timothy Wilson, Keeper of Western Art, Ashmolean Museum, The University of Oxford in England. His lecture was designed with our society in mind, to present some background to English tin-glaze. In summary:

Sixteenth-century Italian maiolica is one of the technical high-water marks in world ceramics, as well as being a vivid reflection of the brilliant culture of the Renaissance. This lecture will look at how maiolica grew from the Islamic tin glaze tradition and developed an unprecedented pictorial virtuosity; and how emigrant Italian potters carried the technique to Northern Europe to sow the seeds for the national traditions that flourished for two centuries in France, the Netherlands, and England.

Mr. Wilson was born in 1950. Educated at Oxford University, the Warburg Institute (London University), and the Department of Museum Studies, Leicester University. He became a fellow of I Tatta (Harvard University) in 1984. He worked at the National Maritime Museum then the British Museum before coming to Oxford.

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