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October 1997 Lecture Topic and Meeting Notice

Our first meeting of the Fall season will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 1997 at 8:00 PM at the Lighthouse, 111 East 59th Street, between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue, New York, NY.

The speaker of the evening will be Ms. Linda R. Shulsky. Her topic will be "The Influence of Chinese and Japanese Porcelain on European Porcelain."

Chinese and Japanese porcelain influenced both the shape and decoration of European porcelain through the centuries. From the earliest attempts to make porcelain by the Medici in late sixteenth-century Florence, through the French experimentations with soft-paste in the late seventeenth century, continuing with the founding of Meissen in the early eighteenth century, the influence of Asian ceramics was consistently pervasive. In my talk I will discuss these influences and will also show how the English factories in the middle of the eighteenth century often received Asian influence via the Meissen factory rather than directly from Asian wares.

Ms. Shulsky graduated from Pennsylvania State University where she received her BA and MA in History and her MA from Cooper-Hewitt, Parsons Program in the History of Decorative Arts. She received the Esther J. Willcox Memorial Award for the highest grade point average. She has participated as an Adjunct Professor at the Bard Graduate Center, the Parson School of Design, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum in their decorative arts program. She has also assisted in the identification of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century chinese porcelain found in excavations in Santa Fe, N.M. for the Museum of New Mexico and did research in the Asian Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Among her many publications were her writing the captions for the Catalogue of the Burghley Porcelains and the article of "Queen Mary's Collection of Porcelain and Delft and its Display at Kensington Palace based on an Analysis of an Inventory Taken in 1697." She has lectured extensively on Oriental ceramics for many organizations, schools, and museums.

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