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The Wedgwood Society of New York was formed in 1957 and is currently dormant except for Ars Ceramica. It used to hold regular meetings in and around New York City. It publishes the archival journal on the ceramic arts entitled Ars Ceramica. It used to publish a newsletter which is read by members both the New York area as well as across the United States and around the world. In addition the WSNY used to hold regular auctions where we sell collections or parts of collections on consignment.

If you have an interest in collecting, you are invited to:

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Ars Ceramica is the Wedgwood Society's annual archival journal on the ceramic arts. The table of contents of recent issues are available from this web page. Back issues when available are $20.00 plus $7.50 shipping (US addresses) or $20.00 shipping (Foreign Addresses). Bulk and member discounts are available.
Ars Ceramica 2019, Number 35, was shipped to members on record as of October 2023.

Book List

Are you searching for how to research information about Wedgwood and his wares. Well, the WSNY has collected a book list to help you out.


Meetings are currently not being held. Meetings were held up to six times per year.  Usually in Manhattan.

Do you have some Wedgwood or related wares you would like to sell?

The WSNY held auctions from time to time. We used to accept consignments. (Note: currently not accepting consignments). The proceeds from the auctions funds Ars Ceramica.

Registry of Unique Wedgwood

Back in 1972, Leonard Rakow, then president of the WSNY, introduced the concept for a Registry of Unique Wedgwood which would give prominence to unique Wedgwood artifacts. The registry has gone fallow for many years. Now however, due to the rise of the WSNY into an organization of not only national but international prominence and the development of the Ars Ceramica into the premier scholarly publication with a focus on Wedgwood, the time has come to resurrect the Registry for the benefit of the ceramic community.

Webster's dictionary defines unique as being without a like or equal, single in kind or excellence. The registry will seek therefore to archive these unique examples of Wedgwood production for collectors all over the world.

Any collector who wishes to establish the uniqueness of a piece should submit a photograph, and detailed description of the piece to include size, color, body, and decoration to Dr. Jeff Tulman, President of the Society. After publication of the picture and description the uniqueness of the piece can be challenged by submission to the society of a matching piece. If a piece passes this vetting process, it shall be deemed eligible for admission to the Registry of Unique Wedgwood. The registry will be kept on file and interesting submissions will be published in the Ars Ceramica.

The rules for submission are as follows:

  • The piece must be marked either Wedgwood or Wedgwood and Bentley or be directly attributable to the factory by irrefutable archaeological or primary source material reference (i.e. factory mold, engraving plate, original bill of sale by factory).
  • It must be complete and have all its parts.
  • Its uniqueness may lie in its size, color shape, form, or manner of decoration.
  • Excluded from consideration are pieces made at the factory by you, or personal presentation pieces of recent vintage.

  • Check out the Registry Here


    The Wedgwood Society published a newsletter for members approximately six times a year announcing its meetings.

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